The complex of exercises for releasing

Performing yoga has its own rules. If you decide practicing yoga the solution will be if you apply the teacher at least for a while in order to master the techniques of performing exercises and proper breathing.

When you start yoga it is necessary:

  1. All workout should be done while being hungry. At least 3-4 hours should be passed from a good meal. One hour before the workout maximum tea, coffee or other liquid is permitted. You can eat in a half an hour after the exercise. These rules are not difficult to follow. The exercise with full stomach is undesirable because yoga asana massage the internal organs, effect the circulation of liquid that are accumulated in the various organs. Especially the process is stimulated by the upturn asana, which can have a negative effect on the organs.
  2. Yoga exercises are recommended early in the morning or late evening; it depends what kind of result you want to get. If you would like to be in toned up – the morning yoga is better; for relaxation evening yoga is preferable.
  3. Before and after exercise a hot shower is recommended.
  4. Asanas should be performed in well-ventilated room; exercising on the floor without a special patch is not recommended.
  5. There should be any unpleasant feeling in the muscles after the exercise. The symptoms of tension and muscle fatigue in the indicator of wrong exercise. All movement during the practice should be balanced and soft, and breathing – nasal and free. If your breath is held you will feel tired and it is better to stop performing the asanas as the same symptoms indicate on the bad state of the organism.

The complex of exercises for releasing from the feeling of evening tiredness.


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