Yoga is a unique solution for health, for improving the physical condition and for reaching the mental balance. It does not refers to any form of fitness; if we do so, we would probably make the yoga gurus’ angry, as yoga is a philosophy of life and somehow is considered as a part of eastern Religion; though the results achieved by its training system are equal to the fitness results. In some aspects the results even exceeds, as yoga refers to not only physical appearance, but also helps people to achieve inner peace and harmony. Also yoga is the best way to relax especially for people who are engaged in the pace of modern life.

Yoga has different trends. Hatha yoga is the most popular, as it is the complex of exercises and refers to the human body and health.

You will feel the effect of yoga straight after the first workout. At one glance there is nothing special or difficult to perform, but even the physically well-trained people involved in active sports will feel the difference.

yoga-relaxThe thing is that deep muscles of human body are involved that are not activated while the usual exercise. During the exercise apart from physical activity the mental strain occurs. It is necessary to keep the balance, symmetry and concentration on each muscle and on the whole body; exercises are performed after the principle: I do not belong to my body, the body belongs to me and I can control it according my will.

Breathing is the inseparable part of the exercise. At one glance it may not seem of much importance, but over time you will notice the difference between usual training and training with breathing. Breathing is closely related to our emotion and mind. When we are angry we breathe differently; people who are calm and happy – differently; when we concentrate on something breathing is also different. So the type of breathing changes according the emotions and state of mind.

The simple exercises it they are performed correctly has a curable effect. All postures has an individual influence, but it is necessary to perform the whole complex of asana to effect the whole body equally.

The knowledge of yoga is deep and broad and has got a vast useful features. Yoga improves the state of mind, body and spirit. Some effects can be described and explained, but some remain unexplained and you need to experience. Physiologically the exercise improves health, joints, bones, muscle nutrition, and develops strength, flexibility and balance. People feel good and become more energetic and the metabolism process is improved; as while doing yoga all the difficult processes are balanced in the human body, concentration of mind is yoga-and-relaxconstantly involved, human mental and emotional condition is improved – you become more resistant to external factors and stress, you free yourself from fear and complexes. Special breathing exercises expands the lunges and as a result the air-circulation and cardiovascular system becomes better, the blood pressure is stabilized and the blood circulation process gets stronger. If you do yoga in the morning the positive mood will accompany you throughout the whole day and the exercise in the evening will free you from fatigue and stress. All this makes yoga unique. It withstood the thousands of years and becomes more active ad popular in everyday life.

Usually when go to bed tired, fatigue and feeling of heaviness also appears in the morning. So doing yoga is the best way for relax and releases you from the feeling of fatigue before sleep. You will not need a lot of time or some special equipment, only 10-15 minutes, separate room and a special exercise patch is quite enough.

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