Regardless the efforts, you still cannot lose weight?

18 reasons why you cannot lose weight:

1. You eat a great amount of fruit

Although it is better to snack on fruits rather than fries, popcorn or carbonated drinks while watching the TV; but still bear in mind that the sugar contained by the fruit is transformed into glucose and excessive glucose itself is stored as fat by the body.

So, the fruit is necessary but reasonable amount.

2. You do a lot of cardio and avoid strength workout

Cardio training burns fat well, but is not sufficient. Strength workout builds muscles; while muscles consume more calories and your metabolism becomes more active. The higher the metabolism is, the more calories are burnt, even if you are not active.

3. You do not sleep enough

Enough sleeping has a great importance in weight loss, but often is not taken into consideration and there is a lack of knowledge. Various studies have shown that hormones promoting fat burn are released during the sleep.

4. You do not get enough amount of fat

The fat is associated with obesity, but the fat can be useful and harmful. The useful fat is necessary for the heart function and for your health. Healthy fat can be found in fish, nuts, eggs and avocado. They increases energy and helps the body to use the stored fat as fuel and spend it.

5. You get too much alcohol

Your body does not store the alcohol, so does nor process it immediately. So the metabolism does not work well on digestion of other food, like fat and carbohydrates. These calories are transformed into fats and are stored in the body.

6. You rely only on training

It is not right if you allow yourself to overeat due to the workout. This is one of the common mistakes. Do not spoil yourself with delicious desert because you train. Training is a perfect way for burning the calories and toning up the muscles, but if you do not reduce the amount of daily calories you will not get a significant decrease.

That refers to the ABS, even if you do 1000 ABS a day without the diet it remains hidden under the fat.

7. You are not coherent

Most of us periodically break the training and diet that we have started with great enthusiasm – nobody is perfect. But if a violation is systematic, this is a disturbing for weight loss.

If you train regularly without absences, your body gets used to a new regime, you feel a need for an exercise and do not miss it without the serious reason.

Your training and diet must be coherent in order to get the result. Start, then quit, then again start – this take a lot of time. If you have an overwhelming will to eat something tasty and bad – do it, make an exception, but then keep on the diet. Do not quit it completely due to one fail.

8. You do not eat enough

This may sound strange, but this is true. You will not resist the weight if you do not eat enough. You need to reduce the calories for weight loss; but significant reduce on the contrary will delay the weight loss process. If you eat too little, your body moves on alarming regime, starts to struggle for survival and do not concede the fat.

9. Do not keep a healthy diet

Reducing the calories is of great importance; but if you eat less and this kind of food is unhealthy, the fight with weight will not be easy. You have to follow a healthy diet and say no to the junk-food, semi-fabricated or suspicious food and etc. After several months of healthy diet you will get the result, but if you continue eating unhealthy product at the end of the diet, you will get back to the extra weight.

10. You do love ,,diet” products

Do remember beverages that contain zero calories and labeled as dietary? The word ,,dietary” deceives a lot of people. Such kind of ,,diet” products contain monosodium glutamate that raises insulin level and promotes the fat accumulation. So keep in mind, you may be getting artificial sugar and unhealthy fats instead of minimal calories.

11. You keep the old ,,fat” clothes

Never keep the clothes that you wore while being oversized – get rid of them. When you preserve such clothes, deep inside you still think that you may gain weight and the old clothes are still waiting. Get rid of them by all means. And be confident that you will never get back to your old weight.

12. You eat senselessly and instinctively

Forget eating during watching TV, in front of computer or while phone conversation. At this time your mind is diverted on a different thing and is not aware of what and how much you eat. Eat at the table and far from any technology. Be focused on eating and enjoy the process. You will feel fed sooner.

13. You do not arrange ,,glutton” days

Such days are essential part of weight loss and diet. You may think that it is crazy to eat forbidden tasty products while diet, but if you do not enjoy such day periodically, then there is a chance you to miss the forbidden food so much that you may rush to it at once and eat ten times more than you would have eaten reasonably. If you eat your favorite food from time to time, your diet will not be so strict.

14. Nobody follows the healthy diet around you

It is too difficult to follow the diet if no one tracks it. Do not expect that your family member and employees will change their nutrition rules, but ask them to support you in your endeavor. This can work and avoid to tempt you.

15. You do not drink enough water

Water is necessary for weight loss. It fills the stomach and kills the hunger. A glass of water before meal will help you to eat less. Recommended daily norm for women is 1.6 liter on overage and 2 liter for men. Despite this, the water accelerates the metabolism that promotes weight loss.

16. You follow the strict diet

Such kind of diets are horrible for weight loss. Although you may lose weight effectively and quickly (mostly due to the water), the kilograms may come back easily after the diet. The best diet is healthy and proper nutrition regime.

17. You are stressed

If you are under stress and tension often, this will affect your weight loss. The hormone cortisol, released during the stress, suppresses testosterone responsible for building and maintaining the muscles. The reduction of muscles decreases metabolism; which in turn reduces the calorie consumption.

18. You expect too much in a short period of time

The weight loss requires time. Despite the unreal promises of strict diets or the ads of amazing gyms, this only an advertisement. Weight loss with stable results needs time. You have to train regularly and eat healthily – you will have the progressive result. You may not get the desired result in a few weeks, or month, but you will get by all means if you are systematic.

Do not expect a miracle, do not look for amazing tools and ways. You are the key element, your willpower, systematic and conductive approach, intelligent planning and step by step implementation of your plans. Remember, you will get as much as you have put in it.

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