If you belong to the category of people who do not plan to gain weight in winter, these 7 rules will help you to keep fit:

1. Eat as much as you like, but hourly

The dieticians’ classical advice is – to eat fragmentally 4-5 times a day. However this advice is not suitable for all. If you notice that such kind of nutritional regime arises your appetite; or if you force yourself to eat, as you do not get hungry by that time then reduce to 3 meals. It is important to have breakfast, dinner and lunch at the same time and before it gets dark everyday for normal metabolism.  American neurophysiologists from Ohio University discovered that artificial light, irregular and late meals cause functional disorder of hormone melatonin, which is responsible on sleep and vigilance. As a result, even if you do not eat much or do not reduce the level of physical exercise, you still gain weight.

2. Burn extra fat with help of milk products

50-100 grams of yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, kefir, milk will activate the fat burn process inside the cells and helps to lose weight quickly. According to the surveys the reason is calcium, phosphorus and magnesium – these three minerals accelerates the decomposition of extra fatty tissues, especially in the waist area. AT the same time the human body gets a good dose of proteins that promotes to improve the forms of body, enhances the muscular tissues and increases the elasticity of the skin. However you should not exceed as the cheese contains a lot of fat and salt, and the yogurt – sugar.

3. Eat products that contain water

The lack of water slows down the metabolic processes, deteriorates external forms and general condition (dry skin and early wrinkles plus insomnia), speeds up the aging process. British dermatologist Howard Murad recommends us to compensate the lack of water with the fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants and water that access the body cells easily avoiding the misbalance of the blood flow and swelling.

4. Use the aromatherapy

During the winter the smell of the sweet spices like vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, citrus, jasmine, rosemary not only puts you in a good mood, but also releases you from stress. American psychologist Brian Raudenbush discovered that the flavor of mint promotes weight loss for people with increased appetite. 40 volunteers took part in the experiment. They inhaled the smell of the mint in sequence five days every two hours. As a result each of them during the week ate less than 1800 calories unlike they usually used to.

5. Love the flax flour

The flax flour contains all that is necessary for the human organism – fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc and antioxidants; they important for immunity, the nervous system, for healthy skin and hair. The flax has the excellent taste similar to nuts, it contains a lot of protein and cellulose, due to this creates the sense of fullness for a long time. You can make porridge or even bake bread. The flax also can be used for baking the fruit cake instead of wheat flour and eggs, it sticks the dough well.

6. The vegetables

The vegetable are vitamins and cellulose. The metabolism slows down and unpleasant processes begin in the digestive tract without them. If you do not like vegetables use them in sauce. Add chopped in small pieces and season with different spices.

7. Control your appetite

Learn to define what increases and decreases your appetite. To some the soup increases appetite to some an apple. But for most the appetite provocateur products are – sweets, white bread and pasta, fried dishes (potatoes, meat), semi-finishes products and delicacies (sausages and etc).They contain a lot of salt, sugar and fat; this combination changes the biochemistry of the brain and disappears the feeling of being fed. This kind of products should be used as rare as you can – doing so you will control the sense of fullness and you will avoid over-eating.

And the last, the most reliable rule: Exercise!

Training is the guarantee that you will not gain weight in winter and you will not need to fight with weight in spring. Your metabolism will maintain a high level, the fat will not be packed in your sites and problematic areas; despite this your immune system will be strengthen and you will spend the whole winter full with positive feeling and energy.

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