1. The major reason why you should be taking physical exercises is keeping fit, strengthening the heart, controlling blood pressure. Physical activity maintains absorbing blood clots in the blood vessels and slows down aging process. The risk of different diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and osteoporosis is considerably reduced. Some other severe diseases such as hypertonia or type 2 diabetes are directly linked with non-active life style.
  2. During exercising oxygen is delivered to each cell of our body which results in improving the complexion and it can also help clean up different types of facial rash. It has a wonderful healing effect on the blood flow and human reflexes as well. Regular physical activity has beneficial effects on blood vessel health which determines the healthy conditions of the main organs in human body.
  3. The benefits of sports include stronger and toned muscles. It increases muscular endurance, makes them strong and firm and the whole body is slim, sexy and flexible. Your joints can move at far higher amplitude, you attain the ideal weight and further physical activities help maintain it, which seems impossible when going on a special weight-loss diet.
  4. In case of exercising it is easier to control the cravings for foods as the amount of endorphins is increased in the blood flow which is released by the brain. It happens sometimes that your hunger is only a false alarm; in this case endorphins protect us from it (false alarm) until our bodies really need to eat.
  5. Regular exercise can fight chronic fatigue and boost energy and vitality level of a person. It supplies brain with additional oxygen and a person can feel refreshed and invigorated.
  6. Regular exercise is also a great way to improve your sleep quality, by helping to regulate different sleep stages and cycles. It stimulates releasing the endorphins which help to relieve the whole-day stress and nervous tension. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle often have feeling of emptiness at the end of the working day while active people experience only pleasant feeling of tiredness. Exercises can prevent a person from depression as they not only relieve the nervous tension but also reduce the excess amount of adrenaline and other hormones which lead us to stress.
  7. Physical activities help increase confidence and boost self-esteem.  You feel that you look better and also feel better in spite of your age and physical condition.
  8. Regular exercise stimulates metabolism and improves intestinal peristalsis. It also helps break the bad habit of smoking. In case of quitting smoking you can endure more physical activities as your body is now provided better with oxygen.
  9. Good physical exercises help people recover quickly after surgery, childbirth and severe diseases because stronger muscles have better possibilities to utilize more oxygen and the more oxygen is utilized the faster the muscles and tissues will be restored.  The stronger and the more toned the muscles, the higher the chances of a quick rehabilitation rather than in case of weak and flabby muscles.  In some hospitals patients who are going to be operated on heart or other internal organs are often prescribed to do some physical activities prior the operation.
  10. Regular physical activities are crucially necessary if one wants to lose weight.  Weight-loss diets cause the loss of not only the fatty layers in the body but also the loss of muscle mass. This leads to weakening of the body which really has lost some weight because of keeping those diets. On the other hand physical activities help sustain the body muscle mass  and  is a lot more effective for weight loss,  as exercising improves metabolism and assists in burning more calories.

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