The season, the menstrual cycle, mental state – all this can have an important influence on your aim. So how should we plan to lose weight considering these factors?

The Season

The best period: Spring and summer

Most believe that in summer it is easier to get rid of extra weight: there is a lot of fruits and vegetables, also it is hot and eating is not so pleasant. However the physiologists observed that the weight loss process is most active in spring, and less active in winter. In spring human body wakes up with nature, metabolism process is accelerated, endorphins – hormone of happiness released actively. Your mood is elevated, you have a bold plans and you believe in yourself.

Also, during the warm period the level of the hormone such as cortisol (this hormone promotes, the storage of fat in the stomach area) which contributes to weight growth, is reduced; while the hormones (serotonin and testosterone), which contribute to weight loss, are actively excerted.

Testosterone level reaches its peak in summer or in early fall; it increases the muscle tissue and burns fat. Its level is to the lowest point in winter. The same applies to serotonin – the amount of this hormone is often insufficient in winter. This hormone is directly related to the weight loss. In case the lack of this hormone the mood is spoiled and we try to improve it with the sweets. Carbohydrates stimulate the production of this hormone. Besides, we are more active from May till August than in November and February, and it contributes to weight loss.

The worst time: late autumn and winter

autumnAccording to the surveys conducted in the cafes, dieticians found out that during the cold periods clients order food with more calories, more pastries and sweets; and in summer more vegetable salads, fruit juice, yogurt and low-fat cheese. And it is not surprising that most people have a high cholesterol level.

Of course weight loss is possible also in December and February, but do expect the rapid results. At this period the main task of the body is the protection from cold. Subcutaneous-fat fiber keeps the fat and it will not yield that the body’s fat without the fight. Also the metabolism process slows down at this period.

Female cycle phases

The best period: between the 4th and 14th days of the cycle

At this period the ovum is being matured and estrogen – a hormone that stimulates the release secretion of endorphins and serotonin, is actively released in blood. A woman feels good and the metabolism intensity is increased. The oxidation processes are active in the fatty tissues. This period is the best for relax and removal of extra weight. The effect of diet and training will be easily noticeable.

Bad Period: 14th day till the end of the cycle

The period when the ovulation begins – the follicle ruptures process. So-called yellow body is formed instead of ruptured follicle, which emits a hormone progesterone. Metabolic processes are reduced. The body is getting ready for the possible pregnancy and do not release the fat. Weight loss becomes problematic.

Bust still there soothing fact: on 10-14th day from the end of the cycle the fat burn effect due to the training is high. The body uses the fat not the carbohydrates due to the high concentration of estrogens and progesterone.

Mood, Mental State

The best period: when in love

The process of weight loss is a stress for the organism. Do not expect an immediate effect (healthy reduction is 0.5-1 kg in a week). Any negative emotion, even small problems can disturb the chosen regime and delay the weight loss process. The positive mood is important not only at work, but also at home. Ideal option is – when in love; if you are in love the weight loss is guaranteed.

Worse period: anger, offence, depression

Illness, divorce and a long separation from your beloved – in such periods it is not necessary to stress yourself and restrict the food. It is better to wait.

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