Human Body was created for motion

Do you know that the medical norm for a person’s daily step count should be 15000 (10km)? Don’t get surprised. If we had lived centuries ago we would have had to move a lot more to get food, to build houses, to make clothes, to take part in competitions or national/ethnic traditional dances and festivities.

Nowadays, the greater part of the population has to sit in their offices and work for hours in order to make a living.

These days a man’s daily physical activity is below of its recommended level due to having array of means of transportation and taking a lift instead of climbing the stairs, by having supermarkets just round every corner. They can’t deny themselves  these conveniences but still can feel the need to move.

Consequences of the lack of exercise are getting more and more severe. The problems related to the sedentary lifestyle are steadily increasing over the time. Sadly, today the growth of the health problems occurring while aging is considered to be a norm, whereas every man is gifted with better health and far longer life span at his/her birth than it is a widespread idea.

Most justify their behavior (refusing to exercise) to themselves or to others always complaining of having insufficient time.

But let’s face it; the time saved by refusing to take up any physical activity later would be spent in visiting doctors due to different diseases, and in searching for the right diagnosis. And anyway lots of time would be wasted, not to say anything about the money and nervous tension.

Exercises and physical activities are not luxury at all, it is vitally important in one’s life.

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