The main principles of diet

  1. Control the ingredients

Do not consider that the diet is limited by the calculation of calories; and that the 200 calories of ice-cream and 200 calories of cereal porridge has the same value. Apart from useful substances, both of them have different degree and speed of assimilation.

All diets restrict processed factory candies, baked goods and sugar as they are assimilated quickly, transformed into fat, contain large amount of fat and sugar and has no value as they lack the useful substances – baked goods and sweets are nothing but the calories.

You have to know what your food is made of, avoid semi-fabricated goods, which contain quite enough amount of fat, trans fat and food additives. Say no to fast foods and fast food facilities.


  1. Control the calories

Control how much you eat, weight loss requires negative calories; the amount of calories that you take during the day should be less than you consume daily. Reduce the calories on expense of fast carbohydrates and animal fat.


  1. Do not eat late

Late eat is also a delaying cause of weight loss; the principle: it does not matter when I eat, the more important is the amount of calories – is not correct.


  1. Eat 3-5 time a day in a small portions

Divide calories equally throughout the day; after a long hunger you lose control and on the next meal you are likely going to eat more to fill the gap. Also the feeling of hunger causes the increase of hormone insulin secretion, which hinders the weight loss process.


  1. Keep the balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate

Watch carefully your daily food ration; it must include all these three macronutrients. The classic balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate is as follows: 25% of fat, 25% of protein, 50% of carbohydrates; but during the diet the balance is often changed by reducing the carbohydrates in favor of proteins. Such kind of modifications are allowed temporary at reasonable limits.


  1. Divide the periods of getting protein, fat and carbohydrate

Morning is the best period for replenishing the reserves of carbohydrate energy; for example it is better to eat cereal porridge and fruits in the morning. Plan to eat fat in the afternoon and in the evening get protein food, such as cottage cheese and dairy products.


  1. Drink sufficient amount of water

Water promotes the activation of metabolism and weight loss process. Remember weight loss at the expense of water is harmful for health. You have to lose fat not water. The extra water will be still driven out in case of proper diet and training. The body will reimburse the necessary water balance from the first glass of water.

The daily amount of water in individual, its range is determined as follows:

The lower limit=bodyweight (kg)*0,033

The upper limit=body weight (kg)*0,066

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