When we start to talk about ABS, most of people consider to perform a plenty of exercises as a mean of getting it – if you want to have a beautiful belly and outline the ABS, you have to make a record number of workouts 100, 200, 500 and etc.

I would like to say that this is incorrect, the number of press workouts is not directly related to building up the ABS – this is not the only factor necessary for beautiful ABS.

The abdomen is considered to be a problematic zone for both women and men; especially in women this zone suffers from caesarean and physiological child delivery. The zone tended to the accumulation of fat, gathers more fat during the pregnancy, muscles are sagging and skin dulled.

Postpartum recovery period for all women is individual, to some the forms return more easily and some has to work even harder. But there are even harder cases that are the results of complicated surgery like mine; and I had to work really very hard to return the abdomen in normal condition. My first press workout was to sit up with the help of the elbows and then again lay back. Classic press workout was useless for me as I could not perform them. Damaged muscles were the result of additional surgery performed during the caesarean section was the reason the muscles were damaged. But after hard work and many disappointments, I got the result and the whole set of press workouts was set that I use now in my groups.

Nowadays press workouts is one of important parts of my group exercise plan, but not with the record numbers like 200 or 500. In total the number can reach 100 during each workout. But we have quick results as the girls without weight problems have ABS lines in a few weeks.

How do we get such kind of result?

There are four main factors that are important to be considered while working on ABS:

  1. The percentage of fat

When the percentage of fat in the body is high and you have the weight problems, it is useless to talk about the ABS. Firstly, the Abs appears when the body mass index (BMS) is low; simply in case of being thin and have a thin layer of fat. In such cases, building the Abs needs a little time and the right workout; and you will see the footprint of strengthened muscles in a few weeks.  So the number one strategy for the beautiful belly is the weight loss and the decrease of fat percentage. As your BMI is reduces by 20%, the second strategy starts to give you the result.

  1. Abs workouts and exercise regime

Sure the Abs exercises are very important, but how much and how?

Classic sit up Abs workout are removed from my program; we perform it only on first several sessions. Gradually they are replaced by other exercises. Exercises are quite difficult but not much in number. However, before moving on a difficult part we learn basic exercises, basic elements and then step by step workouts become more complicated. For toning up the abdominal muscles (and not only for that), plank is highly effective. You have to start from the simple, basic stand and then move on difficult versions, insert other movements and extend the time of stand.

Despite this, the abdominal muscles are tones up not only during the Abs workouts, but the whole session. The Abs are always in focus – it is strained and always works.

  1. Cardio

For building up the Abs it is necessary to reduce the fat layer in stomach; thus, for fat burn it is important to perform the cardio exercises. 30 minutes cardio 3 times a week is enough.

  1. Nutrition

This is one of the most important factors that is very often neglected. It is very important what you eat and how you eat – feeding should not be unintentional and accidental. ; You have to determine the exact regime, feeding hours da daily ration. Eat several time a day but small portions. It is wrong when people focus only on daily calories. You will not get the desired result with sweets and cookies even within the calorie deficit. The balanced nutrition is important; involve the fresh and protein products and reduce the number of carbohydrates and animal fat. Replace the fast carbohydrates with slow carbohydrates, and animal fat with useful fat – like fish oil. Beside this, keep in mind that nutrition and the principles above regulate the level of insulin (hormone responsible for accumulation the abdominal fat); this is essential while working on the shape of abdominal. Fast carbohydrates are quickly burned by the body and increases the level of insulin; insulin decreases the level of sugar in blood and transforms it into fat. Furthermore, the change of insulin level enhances the feeling of hunger and increases the appetite. It is especially undesirable to take the fast carbohydrates in the afternoon, when the body is more inclines on fat conversion.


So, the famous expression is really relevant:

The Abs are made in the kitchen!

The percentage of fat in women and men:

This ranking is conditional and on the same amount some can have the outlined Abs and some less. And one more important fact – the fat level below 11% effects on generating the female hormone estrogen that causes the disruptions.

Fat level for men:

  • Ideal body (relief): 3-6%
  • Tone up (excellent): 7-9%
  • Fit (Good): 10-14%
  • Satisfactory (work): 15-19%
  • Loosened (bad): 20-25%
  • A lot to work (very bad): 26-30% and above

Fat level for women:

  • Ideal body (relief): 8-12%
  • Tone up (excellent): 13-15%
  • Fit (Good): 16-20%
  • Satisfactory (work): 21-25%
  • Loosened (bad): 26-30%
  • A lot to work (very bad): 31-40% and above

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