In today’s fast pace world, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest exercise craze. From Yogalates to Orange Theory, knowing what’s ‘hot’ in the fitness world is close to impossible. One exercise routine that doesn’t go out of style is bodyweight exercise/training. A tried and true form of exercising, bodyweight training withstands all the trendy exercises and rises to the top as one of the best ways to get in shape in 2017. Bodyweight training relies on one’s own body as resistance to build muscles. Bodyweight training has been in practice for centuries, but it has definitely evolved to its current state. There are many benefits to bodyweight training to get in shape this year, let’s go over a few of them to get you started today.

Benefit One: Combination

One of the biggest benefits of bodyweight training is the fact that it combines cardio and muscle building into one, fast paced exercise. Doing jumping jacks, high knees, and lunges in between strength exercises will help to burn fat fast and build your core muscles to create a foundation that will help you get in shape fast. Bodyweight circuit training helps to increase your metabolism and bring more oxygen to your muscles, ensuring you get the most out of your workout.

Benefit Two: Flexibility & Strength

A great thing about bodyweight training is the “side” benefits. While you may not set out to increase your flexibility when you exercise, it’s a great way to make sure you’re making the most of your workout. Bodyweight training, when done consistently helps to loosen tight muscles and joints that might not always be used. As you train, your muscles will strengthen and tone fat, which will also help to increase calorie burn, as muscles burn more calories than fat.

Benefit Three: Convenience

With bodyweight training, there’s never an excuse not to workout. With no equipment needed, besides your muscle mass, you’re always ready to go. Even in tight spaces, you can have a fulfilling, fat burning workout. You also don’t need an abundance of time to exercise. The high intensity workouts that bodyweight training provides, means a shorter amount of time working out, along with quick intervals for exercises.

Benefit Four: A Constant Challenge

Just because you’re not using equipment doesn’t mean your workout is easier. On the contrary, bodyweight training is always a challenge because you are using your ever-changing muscles as your resistance. Once your muscles are comfortable with a certain exercise or at a specific level, it’s time to “up the anti” and add reps, or time to your routine. Similar to weightlifting, where one would add weights to make a routine more challenging, with bodyweight training, increasing repetitions or intensity of the move can make it a totally new workout. With bodyweight training, you’re never bored with the routine.

Benefit Five: Injury Prevention

Unlike many exercise crazes that require high intensity with little training, bodyweight training helps to strengthen your muscles to prevent injuries. The most important part of bodyweight training is taking the time to learn the moves you’re engaging in for your routine. Once you have the moves down, you can perform at a high level to strengthen your core muscles.

Benefit Six: Results

Bodyweight training allows you to workout many different parts of your body at once. When done a consistent basis, engaging your muscles and joints leads to weight loss and muscle tone and definition. These are results you’ll start seeing fast.

Benefit Seven: Financial Impact

We all know that the latest exercise fads can be extremely pricey. From equipment, to classes and accessories, getting healthy can truly be a financial investment. Once you have the basics of bodyweight training down, you can spend little to no money at all on your daily routines. There are so many free resources out there to help you get started on your bodyweight training journey to make it a very affordable one.

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